RIO | Tipsy Love Story

Director: Fan Yang Zhong

Love or wine, which makes Zhou Dongyu feel shy?

What is the feeling about love?
Love is that thinking about him all the time, everything happens can change her feeling, sometimes sweet , and sometimes bitter.

This feeling, just like RIO with 3% alcohol concentration, make chemical reaction with subtle sentiment. The RIO light brings tipsy feeling for everyone who drinks it.
So love or wine, which makes Zhou Dongyu feel shy?
The key lies in the new reel

This commercial film is cooperated with GOODZILLA again, we were all very excited when we first saw the creative script and we believed Zhou Dongyu could perform well in the five stories about love can be memorized.
What STARTFilms gonna do is to make it last and grow longer just as RIO light.
So we invited a Taiwan director Fan Yangzhong, who is good at capturing characters mood. He accepted our invitation immediately after having seen the script, and quickly handed over a Fan-style script which is full of love.

The agents and us were moved after seeing the director’s script and exclaimed: ah ~ ~ that is RIO light~
With the perfect creative, production team and the casting, everyone is looking forward to the final output, so we pay attention to every step and dare not let up.
Considering the artist’s schedule and customer’s goal that the bedroom should be warm , we design and build a home which is warm and cozy in every details. From kitchen metope material, to the wallpaper pattern size of bedroom, even the corners that can’t be shoot of. We change and change to be the best.

Even the strict customer said: “Isn’t this the dream of every girl’s bedroom?”The editor feels so warm when hearing this ~
Besides the preparation and meals time, we only got less than 15 hours of shooting time, to complete the five dramas and two TVCs. The lights and cameras were all stood by before shooting day.
Facing the tight schedule, supervisor Chen ready to challenge himself for the test of the timeout. Assistant director also feel powerless when scheduling rundown, every play’s shooting time is 2 hours at last. And each time we doubt whether can finish, experienced director Fan firmly response: “OK!”

Finally, of course, we did not live up to the expectations of our shooting!
Director Fan also pay attention to every scene’s details with his own hands, guiding the actors into the plot step by step.

And nifty Zhou show her willfulness lively, with different acting style carried on the multi-level annotation. Of all the acting skills and professional degrees proves that we did not choose the wrong actress.

And also the clients and agents were watching the monitor all the day for the perfect output. Thanks for all producers, agents, clients and artists team, we are very glad to be together and make it happen.

Crew List

Creative Director|Jiang Pan、Xu Jiayi
Copywriting|Zhang Lucai
Art|Wang Qiwen、Wang Yuyang
Account Manager|Kelvin

Production House START Films
Executive Producer|Kingsley
Assistant Executive Producer|Clementine
Director|Fan yang Chung
Assistant Director|Wenjing
Director of Photography|Chen Dapu
Camera Operator|Zhang Liming
Producer |Shen Linqi , Da Fei
Line Producer | Xu Yongxin, Xiao Zhi
Art Director |TK
Art Assistant |Yang Jialing
Property Master |Xiao Xiaoma
Props Team |Xiao Xiaoma Props Team
Gaffer |Tao Lei
Best Boy|Su Wangchun, Su Kaihang, Shao Yifei, Sun Jixiang
Styling|Du Ran
Styling Team|Du Ran Studio
Sound Recordist|Xiao Ming
Vehicle Team|Zhou Weiming
Post Production Supervisor|San Yang
Post Producer|Clementine
Post Assistant|Zhao Jing
Post Production|A Post
Editor|Xie Peishan
Revise Editor |yelo@Jihe
Colorist|Xu Weida(8G studio)
Mixer|Megasound Studio